Interview with Tages-Anzeiger

I talked with Philipp Rindlisbacher about my youth, my first steps in the media world, Usain Bolt and a professional world in which men have the power and women have too little confidence.

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A day with the Swiss NHL stars

The Swiss NHL stars spend their summer in Switzerland. Sweating, training, but also enjoying time off. And one day belongs to the agency The 6ix Sports Leadership and its owner Gaetan Voisard. Geigele Communications supported The6ix at a media event on August 25 in Lausanne. Good Luck to the NHL players as soon as the season starts again.

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Exciting Talks at the

Once again I was on the road as a speaker - at the, Switzerland's biggest company run, I was really in my element: lots of action, great atmosphere and exciting talks. For example with the ex-professional cyclist Markus Zberg or the multiple Swiss triple jump champion Alexander Martinez.

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