Should protective masks become mandatory in public spaces? That was the topic of debate at last Thursday’s “Stammtisch” edition at TVO. Alongside our Janine Geigele were Swiss wrestler Michael Bless and host Vanessa Kobelt.

In addressing two dozen journalists at Ochsner Sport's Zurich flagship store this morning, 2012 Olympic champion Nicola Spirig confirmed that she will extend her career through the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We're very happy to support Nicola during yet another run at Olympic glory.

It’s the end of May and we’re celebrating our 5th birthday! Due to circumstances without the customary party but nonetheless with much joy, excitement and a brief video review of selected highlights. Enjoy!

We recently organized a media round table for our client La Fabrique Sailing Team and skipper Alan Roura ahead of their 2nd Vendée Globe participation. Due to the corona pandemic neither on site nor in person, but instead by means of a video conference. The result was nonetheless positive: plenty of happy faces and subsequent media coverage in some of Switzerland's most prominent media outlets.
(photo Laurent Darbellay)

SRF Sport
Aargauer Zeitung

As part of our communications mandate for the Swiss center of competence for sport, disability and inclusion - PluSport we've recently placed a small series of with noted Swiss publications. Case in point: Last Sunday's feature on 17-year-old para-swimmer and world record holder Nora Meister in Sonntagsblick.

The preparations for this summer's Olympic Games are being strongly influenced by the corona virus. The most recent episode of her "road to Tokyo" video series highlights how Olympic champion and Geigele Communications client Nicola Spirig is trying to cope with increasingly difficult circumstances in her approach of the Tokyo games.

(Photo: Kirsten Stenzel)

Switzerland’s Coopzeitung quite accurately described my daily life in its most recent issue. And, if you’d like to know what I look liked 20 years ago – here's your chance.

Photo: Patric Spahni

2017 mountainbike world champion and Geigele Communications client Jolanda Neff met with the media for the first time since her nearly fatal crash in December this past Saturday. Visibly in good spirits, Neff continues to eye a start at the Tokyo Olympics but also explained: “My health is my first priority. I need to give myself the proper time to heal.”

(Photo: Armin Kuestenbrueck)

Valuable insights, exciting speakers and memorable appearances by former world-class runner Anita Weyermann and nationally recognized author and cabaret artist Baenz Friedli: this year's Business and HR Forum Bern by WKS KV Bildung was a great success with over 1,000 guests in attendance. The evening’s overriding theme: Curse or blessing? It’s a matter of context!

Photo: Patric Spahni

Thanks to social media, athletes are tempted to communicate directly from the hospital bed at an unprecedented rate. Le Matin Dimanche wonders if and how such a practice can boost or harm an image. We were happy to share our opinion.

Opérations de com

Shootings, media training, crisis communication - and of course lots and lots of sport: 2019 was as exciting as it was varied for us. A big thank you for all the exciting assignments. And a big thank you to Carol Steimle, who is moving on after two years with Geigele Communications. Carol, the time with you was great! Patrick Y. Fischer has joined the team. Welcome to the team!

Photo: Valeriano Di Domenico

«Swiss athletes can hardly save themselves from requests to advertise on Instagram. Companies have recognized: Athletes are born influencers.» You can read the exciting article from the NZZ am Sonntag of 8 December 2019 with inputs by Janine Geigele here.

Top athletes and advertising in social media are a delicate field. Where does personal mail stop, where does commerce begin? The judgement of the Fairness Commission in the case of Jolanda Neff has caused a stir, the uncertainty is great. After the discussion at the sports forum "Influencer and the case of Jolanda Neff" it is clear, according to the experts, that she has not done much wrong - she is rather a victim.

Photo: Gabriele Griessenböck

Disabled today, wired tomorrow? Are artificial assistance systems a curse or a blessing? What does Assisted Living mean? Will cyborgs become reality? Janine Geigele discussed interesting topics like these with those affected and scientists at the panel discussion at the Swiss Handicap Fair in Lucerne.

Photo: Buchli Photography

Football clubs make access to the stadium difficult for unpopular journalists, and press representatives are fobbed off with carefully formulated statements from their exponents: Have media representatives got themselves into this situation? Are they increasingly the undesirable creature? Interesting discussion by with Janine Geigele, Georg Heitz, Matthias Hüppi and Ueli Kägi.

Photo: Martin Dominik Zemp

Athletes and advertising on social media? This is a hard nut to crack, because: Where does the personal opinion end? Where does the commercial interest begin? And what does the recent rebuke by the Lauterkeitskommission to well-known Swiss athletes mean for influencer marketing in sport? Janine Geigele and Thomas Meier from the Swiss Fairness Commission will be discussing this at the Swiss Sports Forum in Lucerne on 28 November 2019.

Photo: Valeriano Di Domenico

Geigele Communications likes to think outside the box of sport. For example the 10th anniversary of the Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, which Janine Geigele hosted in the Dolder Grand. An enriching experience with exciting guests and a prominent model: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. At the speed painting, his portrait was finished after 4:59 minutes.

Photo: Henrik Nielsen

Lack of support, financial losses: Pregnant athletes have a difficult position in top-class sport. This is also due to the fact that the topic has hardly been on the radar so far. That must change. I expressed myself accordingly clearly in the NZZ am Sonntag. Exciting article by Ursina Haller.

When film professionals are at work on the set, this means that every scene is planned to the second, rehearsed and played through x times. In the end, every shot and every picture is right because even the color of the swimming goggle band is on purpose. Watch the result: a great campaign with triathlon Olympic champion Nicola Spirig and her sponsor ON.

To fight the hardest Ironman in the world on Hawaii with strong stomach problems and not be able to absorb energy - then that is a matter of impossibility. Daniela Ryf finished her Ironman nevertheless, what a great performance. The smile will come back!

Photo: Keystone

For almost 30 years I have reported on athletics: From the Bieler Tagblatt to Radio Canal3 to SRF Radio and SRF TV. We set up "Jugend trainiert mit Weltklasse Zürich", the European Championships in Athletics and much more. And now, finally, the success has arrived. The youngsters storm to the top and the established ones deserve to win their medals. Congratulations and thank you: Mujinga Kambundji and her team!

From 20th to 22nd September, Janine Geigele picked up the live microphone for the Swiss private broadcaster TV24. The experienced sports journalist hosted the Laver Cup matches in Geneva together with experts such as former tennis pro Marco Chiudinelli, tennis coach Mark Krippendorf and Roger Federer coach Severin Lüthi. The exclusive live broadcast of the matches was very well received.

Sports gentlemen in grey and black on the balcony of the Palais Eynard in Geneva - and right in the middle Janine Geigele. She hosted the opening ceremony of the Laver Cup and introduced the two teams to a large audience at the reception. The Captains Björn Borg (Team Europe), John McEnroe (Team World) and of course Rod Laver, the namesake of the tournament, were present. Not to mention Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

«I miss the french speaking part of Switzerland», said Roger Federer at the beginning of the conversation about the 2019 Laver Cup in Geneva. The exceptional athlete was very relaxed before the duel between Team USA and Team Europe. At the invitation of his sponsor Sunrise, the four-time father talked to Janine Geigele about his experiences in Geneva, car trips with his family and the fact that he always books his holidays first thing at the beginning of the year.

Biggest sports event in Switzerland - the Laver Cup in Geneva with the world's best tennis players. Team Europe against Team World, let’s see what Federer, Nadal and Co. will show. I’m happy to be the host for the live show Friday till Sunday for TV24 with my studio guest Marco Chiudinelli.

Daniela Ryf has the next goal clearly in mind: her 5th IRONMAN World Championship victory in Kona/Hawaii. The final media conference at the airport was #happyPRWork for Geigele Communications. Good luck, Daniela!

Photo: Melanie Duchene

Panel discussion at Swiss Football Champion BSC Young Boys. It is one of the biggest challenges in professional sport and business life: Where can you find the best talents? How can you promote them? And how do you keep them on board? A panel discussion on an interesting topic at Swiss Football Champion BSC Young Boys in the Stade de Suisse. With the experts Wolfgang Jenewein, Christoph Spycher and Christian Vifian.

Weltklasse Zurich is the world famous athletics meeting. An incredible history in the past 91 years. Janine Geigele is the stadium announcer once again. The first time on this job, she was about 18 years old and very nervous... and today? Not anymore :-) But please keep your fingers crossed for her and her speaker colleagues David Zumbach and Dominique Stark.

Photo: Urs Jaudas

A great story about the Swiss Epic in Graubünden: Parathlete Luca Tavasci and Kilian Badrutt in the SRF sports panorama portrait. This makes media work at PluSport even more fun.
View the SRF article here.

Employee of the month: Robot? Robot texts for amateur football games have recently been published in Germany. Janine Geigele is skeptical. You can listen to the radio SRF 4 News audio file to find out why.

Mujinga Kambundji, Kariem Hussein or Lea Sprunger: thanks to the CITIUS meeting, Bern is once again able to offer the finest in athletics with Swiss stars. The makers of the event are still as young as their enthusiasm is contagious. That's why Geigele Communications also supported the media and PR work for the second event on 3 August. We are looking forward to coming back!

Foto: Hannes Kirchhof

Today's Sunday could also be a relaxed day - not at Geigele Communications. Today we are in Magglingen for Switzerland's biggest disabled sports festival with 1400 athletes. Ironman winner Daniela Ryf will take part in the Ironman in Klagenfurt, triathlete Nicola Spirig will start on the second day of her comeback in Hamburg and Jolanda Neff will compete at the World Cup Cross Country in Andorra. There's a lot going on! We wish our athletes all the best and keep our fingers crossed.

Photo: Andy Müller

Janine Geigele moderated the Raiffeisen Forum at the Stade de Suisse. 800 people were present and there were no more free seats. And this is why: Futurologist Joël Luc Cachelin spoke about the highly relevant topic of digital transformation. Triathlon Olympic champion Nicola Spirig was also a guest speaker in Berne.

After 35 years of work on and with the language, Syntax Übersetzungen AG continues to expand its range of services. Therefore, there were two reasons for a big celebration. Janine Geigele congratulated the company on its jubilee and hosted the festive evening in front of numerous athletes and guests.

Photo: Valeriano Di Domenico

Kick-off: 4000 athletes and 15 sports - these are the European Games in Minsk from 21 to 30 June. The kick-off took place in Berne: Janine Geigele moderated the media conference together with representatives from Swiss Olympic, Belarus (Republic of Belarus) and several top athletes.

Photo: Mauro Mellone

Stockholm is considered one of the best Diamond League meetings in the world. Here the crème de la crème of the athletics stars is always at the start. Janine Geigele moderated the media conference together with CEO Jan Kowalski. Once again, long-jump world record holder Mike Powell from the USA took part. His 8.95 meters at the 1991 World Championships are just as unforgettable as his show talent. He also owned the stage in 2019.

At this year's Zurich Marathon the world elite of blind runners was also at the start: For example PluSport athlete Chantal Cavin (former world champion in swimming) and Henry Wanyoike from Kenya (former world record holder). A special media conference was held with the two of them. Janine Geigele was in charge of the media conference.

He hasn't forgotten his football skills - and he can still talk as well as ever: Massimo Ceccaroni at the Raiffeisen Talk at FC Basel.

Migros hasn't always appeared in the best light in the press lately. At this year's conference with over 600 employees from the Migros Aare cadre, however, the mood was positive and the focus was on the future. Reformer and Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen wants to make Migros more profitable and at the same time calls for a cultural change. How does he intend to achieve this? With a lot of commitment and courage.
Janine Geigele moderated this exciting conference for one day. And the best thing is: she will be there again next year to learn more about the new course.

Heinz Frei and Patrizia Kummer. He is a legend in disabled sports, has won everything one can win. She is an Olympic snowboard champion and has won the overall World Cup three times.
The two showcase athletes are separated by 31 years of age. Do their secrets of success differ? How do they deal with highs and lows? How do they deal with victories and setbacks? Heinz Frei and Patrizia Kummer at the interesting panel discussion at the Neue Aargauer Bank.

Great honour for individual and team athletes, volunteers and helpers at the sports awards of the city of Thun. Wacker Thun with coach Martin Rubin was also happy about the award.

Photo: Patric Spahni

Janine Geigele presented the kick-off press conference of the Laver Cup with the two tennis legends Roger Federer and Björn Borg at the Palais Eynard in Geneva. The third Laver Cup will take place in Geneva from 20-22 September 2019.
Media article in the Bieler Tagblatt with quotes from Janine Geigele

Photo: Keystone

Member club morning with the La Fabrique Sailing Team and Alan Roura. Full house in La Champagne!

A world premiere: The Jungfrau-Marathon and the Aletsch half marathon will host the UNESCO World Heritage-Trophy for the first time in 2019. The five-time orienteering World Champion Judith Wyder is an ambassador. The kickoff was a success, Geigele Communications was also there.

For Geigele Communications many doors opened in 2018, the new wind blew really around our ears. The result: great encounters, many emotions and exciting mandates. A big Merci to everyone - especially to Carol Steimle, the first employee of Geigele Communications (GmbH). We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Great Sports Awards 2018 - Geigele Communications has mandates with several winners: We work for PluSport (with the winner disabled sportsmen Théo Gmür), for the Swiss Ice Hockey team (team of the year), we work with Patrick Fischer (coach of the year) and of course with Daniela Ryf (athlete of the year). Congrats to everyone!

Photo: Keystone

For three years now, Geigele Communications has been supporting the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation in questions of strategic communication. The Ice Hockey World Championship will take place in 2020 and we wish the new head of media Janos Kick every success for this tournament. We also send our best wishes to Florian Kohler, the outgoing CEO of the association. We are looking forward to further great years with national coach Patrick Fischer and director Raeto Raffainer.

The Valais didn't want "Sion 2026". In Lausanne in 2020, however, the world's best young athletes will meet for a great festival: the Winter Youth Olympic Games. Geigele Communications is preparing the coaches of the Swiss delegation for this major event. So that they can cope better with defeats - and celebrate victories more beautifully.

With her legendary Ironman victory in Hawaii in mid-October, Daniela Ryf had reached her season highlight. Now, less training and more recovery are on her agenda - and various events. Janine Geigele supports the top athlete throughout the year: last week they were on stage together as moderator and talk guest at the IHVO Autumn Meeting.

Lots of medals and breathtaking athletics - 2018 was again one of the most successful years for Swiss athletes. Janine Geigele had the honor of once again hosting the Swiss Athletics Night in Lucerne. On the legendary sofa with the nominated "Youngsters of the Year".

Nobody was safe from his investigations: Not Blatter, not Michel Platini and also not Franz Beckenbauer. Hans-Joachim Eckert obtained suspensions or fines for all of them. As chairman of the Fifa Ethics Commission, he had the task of cleaning up the world football association, which was contaminated with corruption and nepotism. has invited Hans-Joachim Eckert to its topic morning.

Daniela Ryf is back in Switzerland after her success in Hawaii. Together with her sponsors she looked back on her "race of the century" of Kona in a relaxed atmosphere – including Geigele Communications.

Photo: Valeriano Di Domenico

The oldest aerial sports competition in the world - since 1906! Janine Geigele had the honour to be the presenter of the welcome and closing ceremony and to meet the first ever Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier (right), on the left is organising president Léon Andre.

The Valais ski racer Ramon Zenhäusern, two-time medal winner at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, and the communications specialist Janine Geigele from Biel obviously got along splendidly across different dialect boundaries. The interview between the two was a highlight of the 20th anniversary of the company MakroArt, which provides large-scale advertising throughout Switzerland.

Everything is easier in a team: Janine and Carol have mastered a number of events in just a few days. Read more about Janine Geigele and our work in the article on

Geigele Communications may not be a great help to Vendée Globe sailor Alan Roura on the grinder - we'd rather leave that to the skipper himself. But for the transatlantic one-handed sailing regatta Route du Rhum, we support Roura from land and steer his communication needs in the right direction. We have just practiced with the La Fabrique team in Lorient.

Photo credit: Laurent Gillieron

«Back to the roots» is the motto for Geigele Communications at this year's Weltklasse Zurich - Janine Geigele is once again in action as stadium announcer and skilfully leads the audience of the prestigious athletics meeting in Zurich through the evening filled with high tension.
In 2013 the NZZ wrote an article about Geigele and the diversified and demanding job.

Photo: Urs Jaudas

Footballers and entrepreneurs have a lot in common. The "Raiffeisen Meets Entrepreneurs" event required not only sporting skills, but also a reflection on resilience and self-management. Stockhorn Arena FC Thun.

A special case for communication specialist Janine Geigele: Martin Grab, 39, one of Switzerland's most successful Schwinger, was convicted of doping; both the A- and B-tests were positive. Grab, who resigned in May of this year, asserts his innocence and appears "shaken, shocked, insecure". Geigele is at his side with the public: informing the media openly and honestly, being available and answering questions. Crisis communication is one of the pillars of

Honorary mandate for Jolanda Neff: The mountain bike world champion, who is supported by Geigele Communications GmbH, becomes Tissot's ambassador for Switzerland. The well-known watch brand is represented in 160 countries around the world and is strongly committed to sports marketing.

The construction company Walo Bertschinger trains teachers from the Kingdom of Bhutan. Today's «NZZ», 11 July, it's worth a major report on this exemplary commitment. Title of the article: «Building theory with practical orientation raises hopes in Bhutan». Geigele Communications supports the media work.

Building theory with practical orientation raises hopes in Bhutan, NZZ article from 11 July 2018

Whenever six young track and field athletes found a new meeting, Geigele Communications is not far. On 16 June the CITIUS Bern took place for the first time: We supported Mujinga Kambundji, Alex Wilson, Lea Sprunger and top athletes from all around Europe in media issues and worked once again as infield speaker. Amazing performances from local superstar Mujinga Kambundji as well as Alex Wilson and Jason Joseph (U23) setting new Swiss records made the evening to be the bernese track and field event of the year.

Photo: Hannes Kirchhof

At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018, the Swiss Ice Hockey team, who left for South Korea with great ambitions, was defeated in the round of sixteen. At the world championship in Denmark they reached the final – and almost became world champions. “In February, they called me a fool”, says head coach Patrick Fischer. “Now they call me a hero. But actually, I’m only a sportsman who gives his best – sometimes it goes wrong, sometimes it goes right.”
How to communicate defeats and victories appropriately is one of the goals of the strategic cooperation between the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and Geigele Communications, which exists for two and a half years now. This incorporates, among other things, media training with those responsible.

Talent, endurance, discipline and the joy of her sport have made Daniela Ryf a world-class athlete: The world's best triathlete at present has won the Ironman Hawaii three times in a row (2015 to 2017) as well as three times the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.
In future, Janine Geigele – as a sports journalist and communications consultant also driven by the fascination of sports – will support Daniela Ryf in management and media issues. This is how Ryf and Geigele Communications form an ideal partnership: Women's power with passion.

Geigele Communications is pleased to announce a new mandate in the sailing industry. Alan Roura is supported in the German media relations by Geigele Communications as of now. The Swiss sailor participated and historically ended the Vendée Globe, a solo competition around the world, as youngest participator ever and ended on rank 12.
The task: The new mandate means the exciting challenge to bring a young and tireless sailor, who’s facing three adventures in the next three years, into the Swiss media.

Good luck to the new coach of FC Lucerne, Gerardo Seoane, who hat no chance in a table tennis match agains reigning world champion Cindy but received lots of good tips of Prof. Wolfgang Jenewein. Raiffeisen event at FC Lucerne: entrepreneur meets soccer.

Geigele Communications is happy about a new mandate with translation service provider Syntax Translations AG. We will support all communication with athletes and sports associations. In the picture, Syntax founder Peter Kuratli hands over a surprise book gift to long term Syntax athlete Marco Chiudinelli.

Where will a technical progress for the paralympic sport lead to? A panel discussion with Urs Kolly, eight times medal winner Paralympics (Track and Field), Prof. Dr. Robert Riener ETH Robotics-Professor and Michael Brügger, several times Ski Paralympic-medal winner.

It was one of the most important years in history for the Swiss Track and Field athletes. The athletes won more than 35 medals in 2017 and the female relay team was even nominated as the "team of the year", which was clearly a moving moment for them.

An illusion of the perfect world? organised an interesting discussion with doping fighter Matthias Kamber, ARD-journalist Hajo Seppelt, who rocked the sports world with films like "secret matter doping", as well as former biathlete Matthias Simmen.

The challenge: 100 years of innovation and tradition - the Swiss building company Walo Bertschinger AG celebrated its 100 year anniversary of innovation and tradition over the course of several days, with more than 5'000 guests.
The task: Geigele Communications planned, organised and realised this jubilee for WALO and moderated parts of it, of course. Thanks to everyone - great team work and well done!

The topic: Self-management and resilience
The content: Leaders from sports and economics have similar challenges and tasks.
The task: Manage city rivals!
Here: The FC Zurich coach, Uli Forte and GC sports manager Mathias Walther.
Answers to the questions if and how leaders from sports and economics can learn from each other?

Internationally renown building company Walo Bertschinger AG (Zurich) celebrated it's 100-year-anniversary in September 2017. During the two year planning process, Geigele Communications was responsible for organisation, conception and communication. Part of the concept were companies like "Showsupport" (production), "Pfeffermint" (visual concept) and "Food Fighters" (catering).

The Jungfrau Marathon has been one of the most beautiful running tracks in the world for the past 25 years. Thousands of participants come from all parts of the world to the beautiful Bernese Oberland. Our task: Geigele Communications does media work, editing and some talks. In this photo you can see us having an entertaining chat with three times Olympia winner Dario Cologna (cross country skiing) in front of the spectacular mountain view of the Jungfrau.

The new broadcasting station SWISS 1 is on air since June 2017. It's first highlight was the reporting from NOSV wrestling festival (Schwingen) in Davos. The task: Several hours of reporting from the ice hall in Davos. Here with studio guest Laimbacher Adi - 105 crowns.

Wenn King Roger in Zürich für seine Stiftung spielt, dann ist immer grosses Tennis und beste Unterhaltung angesagt. Andy Murray war dieses Jahr sein Gegner und um die Moderation der Live-Übertragung von TV 24 hat sich Geigele Communications verdient machen dürfen.

It was a very pleasant evening in Wetzikon with Robert Mark (left) und Angelo Signore (right). Moderating premieres, new record releases or debut records usually represent the word "finally" (finally, we are here!) of the proud artists and performers. The band "Journeys" tend to do their very own journey.

How can both benefit from each other? On behalf of Raiffeisen, Geigele Communications sussed out Bern's soccer club Young Boys. It was a fun moderation because there was a lot of laughter between Christoph Spycher (Head of Sports Bern Young Boys, left) and Switzerland most successful soccer player of all times, Stéphane Chapuisat.

Laureus World Sports Awards 2017 in Monaco, live for TV 24. When Laureus calls, celebrities listen and current sport stars as well as those from the past show up. The task: Moderation of the show and Interviews with David Coulthard, Mika Häkkinen, Nico Rosberg, Edwin Moses, Michael Johnson, Boris Becker, Luis Figo and of course: Usain Bolt.

Swiss Ski celebrated its 40th anniversary with their sponsors Descente and Rivella at the Ski-World Championship in St. Moritz.
Moderation of the evening event, where ski stars from the 80’s, like Maria Walliser, Erika Hess, Pirmin Zurbriggen or Mike von Grünigen, were in high demand. Representatives of the association and sponsors alike took a look at the Swiss history of ski racing. Former Federal Council Adolf Ogi entertained the crowd with tales from the past.


Event: Swiss Athletics Night
Location: "Das Zelt" in Lucerne
Task: Moderation of the most important social event of the year of Swiss Track and Field Athletics. There were awards for athletes, teams, coach and young sportsmen and women of the year.

Big sports stadiums are my home all over the world. However, my experiences at the Cybathlon are something I will cherish forever: it was so wonderful, fantastic and unique, I will never forget it. The crowd was amazing, the athletes outstanding and emotions were going crazy! Thank you!

Location: FIFA, Zurich
Occasion: 2nd World Summit on Ethics & Leadership in Sports
Panel: Keynote Discussion: „success at any cost“?
Participants: Prof. Fahri Saatcioglu, Isha Johansen (Football President Sierra Leone), Christoph Daum (Football coach) and Tina Maze (Double Olympic Gold Medaillist Ski Alpine)
Moderation: Janine Geigele, Geigele Communications

Olympic Games 2016 and Geigele Communications plays a double role. Jolanda Neff, who is consulted in all media matters by Geigele Communicatiosn is racing here as the incumbent two time mountain bike European champion from 2016. I work for the OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service)as a TV-Manager at the bike venues. It is always great to see high performance sports and the variety of the media together in one location. On the picture here you can see bike racer Sir Bradley Wiggins (five times Olympic winner, winner of the Tour de France in 2012 and eight times world champion) on the right hand side. Of course, sometimes, even Olympia can be like a class reunion, this time with colleagues of the BT and BZ - see links below.

Mountainbike World Champion Jolanda Neff (23) here in Lenzerheide (23.6.) during her last official media conference in Switzerland before heading off to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in August (5.-21.8.). Geigele Communications supports and advises the 23-year old - especially in Public Relations.

Talk with 400m hurdle European Champion. Kariem Hussein was my live guest at TV24. "Spitzenleichtathletik Luzern - 2016" focussed on the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Interview with Federal Council and Sports Minister Guy Parmelin during the Gymnastics European Championships 2016 in Bern: The man from Waadt county was giving a short interview before the hall was filling up with thousands of fans.

Media conference with multiple mountain bike wold champion Nino Schurter at the end of May in Chur. His goal is set for gold a few weeks before this season's highlight at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Good luck, Nino!

Team presentation: The Stöckli Pro Team, Mountainbike Cross Country World's No. 1 Jolanda Neff and Geigele Communications have set their goals high for the 2016 Olympic Season.

In my function as president for the Swiss Sports Journalist I was invited to the International Sports Journalist Congress in Doha in February and was able to discuss the role of female sports journalists in podium discussions.

It was great to attend this year’s Ballon d’Or in Zurich and to see Lionel Messi be awarded Player of the Year.

When we were still called MONT4: There is a portrait of Geigele Communications in the November issue of “Sponsoring extra”: Our Bern colleagues have dedicated a double page to our agency and we say “thank you”! You can read the article right here, enjoy:

Sanitas Challenge Price in Zurich: The Unihockey Club of Thurgau received the trophy for the first place of the Sanitas Challenge Price in 2015 and was handed a winners cheque of 20'000 CHF.
Photo: Moderator Janine with members of the Unihockey Club Thurgau Gregor Wegmüller und Marc Bareth, Sanitas CEO Otto Bitterli and jury member Kathrin Lehmann.

On the road in Salzburg/Austria and invited to participate the talk show „Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7“ discussing the topic: Ski Alpin: It's starting again! The show was broadcasted live on Servus TV. What an impressive set and very interesting guests, among others with Lara Gut.
Photo: Servus TV 19.10.2015 Bernadette Schild, Lara Gut, Janine Geigele Juergen Kriechbaum

Great honour: receiving the “Women’s Leadership Award” for my 20 year engagement and ongoing work in the field of track and field athletics. Thank you so much! The gala was a perfect event and the ceremony of "European Athletics Golden Tracks awards" at the Swiss Tech Convention Centre in Lausanne just great!
Photo credit: Janine with Juan Garcia (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)


The Tissot sports arena in Biel is Switzerland’s first triple use sports arena for ice hockey, soccer, curling and truly a magnificent venue. If you come from Biel, you can be proud of this multi functional sports- and event hall.
We held a small talk to celebrate the start season for the EHC Biel together with architects Nik Liechti and Laurent Geninasca as well as Council of States Hans Stöckli and coach Kevin Schläpfer (EHC Biel).

Will there be formula E cars racing through the inner city of Zurich soon? There was a heated discussion between representatives of UBS, Julius Bär as well as the E-mobile club. Talks have commenced so maybe there will be a race in 2017 in Zurich.

TV24 - a relaxed live-talk in Lucerne with former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell (middle) and Yohan Blake, 100m world champion 2011 (both from Jamaica). Powell's 100m-time at Spitzenleichtathletik meeting 2015: 9,86 Sek.
Cover story for "TV Täglich" - live moderation about “top track and field Lucerne” on Swiss Television station “TV24”, July 14th starting at 7.25 pm

Ways to a digitalised Switzerland - This was the topic of the 41st Asut Summit at the Kursaal in Bern, which was opened by the Swiss Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard. Viktor Röthlin and I were invited to wrap up the event. Our topic: From the Intensive Care Unit to being the European Champion.

We have texted the content for the website of B2B dialogue marketing specialist Schulten + Partner in Berlin, Germany.

„Why are such few female live commentators working in the field of sports?” This topic was discussed during the broadcasting „TV Täglich“ and I was invited to talk about my opinion.
Click to see the report:

Yesterday’s panel discussion „Women Power – Women in sports“ was picked up in Austria’s media outlets today and as you can see in the famous Kronen newspaper.
Click this link to see the report in the „Niederösterreichischen Nachrichten“.

Being the president of Swiss Sports Journalists I was invited to meet my colleagues in Austria, Sports Media Austria in St. Pöllen. After the reception by the mayor, I was invited to a panel discussion „Women Power – Women in Sports“. The panel discussion „Women Power – Women in sports“ in St. Poelten was followed by the media, eg. by the high-circulation newspaper Kronen Zeitung.
From left to right Eva Voraberger, professional boxer, Nina Aigner, FC Bayern München-office, Dr. Petra Bohuslav, Sports Minister Lower Austria, myself, Beate Schrott ninths during the Olympic Games of the 100m hurdles as well as Susie Wolff, Formula 1.

Mix up – Information evening Switzerland Marathon light with marathon star Viktor Röthlin, former worldclass gymnast Ariella Käslin, style artist Jan Siegwart and running coach manager Valentin Belz.

It was a great evening! CD Release Party of Angelo Pellicorio's debut album "Alba Chiara". Check the pictures from the showcase on the Label Website: and some more impressions on


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