Illustration of Janine Geigele at a press conference; people holding microphones towards her

Crisis Communication

You can master any crisis with the right communication. In an emergency, transparent and fast communication is crucial. That's why we prepare you in advance for emergencies in good times.

This is how we skillfully navigate you and your business through a crisis:

  • Preparatory measures, create a crisis matrix
  • Establish crisis strategy and crisis organization
  • Define wordings and prepare messages
  • Crisis management – targeted reaction and act quickly
  • Camera training

Direct, transparent and honest - that is our motto for crisis communication.


Public Speaking Competence

Appearing in front of a camera needs to be practised. Communicating convincingly, answering tricky questions confidently, conveying facts, opinions and emotions authentically - that's what it's all about.

Our team teaches you the balance between verbal and non-verbal communication. Goal: maximum credibility. We train your language and expressions so that you can convey facts clearly, understandably and authentically.

You need to be prepared for the encounter with the cameras and trained to deal confidently with the media. With appropriate course content and proven media contacts, you will find answers to these questions here:

  • What does communication success depend on and how do I get my messages to my target groups?
  • How do I radiate authenticity and competence in the media spotlight?
  • How can I reach the audience emotionally and express complex issues simply?
  • How do I deal with emotions in public and in the media?


Illustration of a tennis racket and two tennis balls

Athlete Management

As top athletes, you are chasing maximum success. Our team has your back so that you can concentrate on training, competitions and top performances. We advise you on negotiations and contracts with organisers, companies and sponsors as well as on other important management issues.

We currently support the following top athletes: Nicola Spirig, Daniela Ryf, Sina Frei, Marlen Reusser, Nevin Galmarini.

We have also worked with the following athletes in the past for a long time: Jolanda Neff, David Hablützel, Viktor Röthlin, Patrick Fischer, Alan Roura, Patrik Wägeli, Max Studer.

Our main tasks in athlete management:

  • Positioning in the public and in the media
  • Planning and implementation of activities
  • Acquisition, support and advice in dealing with sponsors
  • Crisis communication

Our maxim: With each other and with trust.



Live performances are always a special challenge: whether a gala, an anniversary, a panel discussion or a workshop - with charm and humour to the appropriate audience, in the right tone for every event, that's what it's all about.

What's important to us:

  • Finding the right tone for every event
  • Humour and charm
  • Multilingual, stylistically confident, with joy and heart

Our maxim: multilingual, trained stylistically confident.


Illustration of Janine Geigele in front of a camera during a presentation

Alan Roura

In the four years between, Geigele Communications successfully placed the Geneva-born skipper Alan Roura in the Swiss-German media, telling the young sailor’s story.

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Patrik Wägeli

Geigele Communications turned the story of Switzerland’s “fastest farmer” Patrick Waegeli into a thing in the summer of 2020.

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Viktor Röthlin

Janine Geigele worked hand in hand with Swiss marathon champion Viktor Roethlin during her time with Weltklasse Zürich and the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich.

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