Appear confidently in front of an audience and camera

The credibility of messages is influenced 93% by body language, voice and external appearance. The content contributes only 7%. So how do we make sure that to come across credibly and authentically and ensure that the content sticks? Or how do you have to convey your main message so that it reaches the audience?

Every appearance is an opportunity - Janine Geigele

Every appearance is an opportunity

Every public appearance is a new opportunity. It is therefore all the more important that you communicate clearly so that your messages reach your audience. Training in front of the camera helps you to formulate your messages clearly and to appear confident in public appearances. The focus is on the following topics:

  • Defining target groups and expectations
  • Keeping messages short and to the point or going into detail
  • How can the audience be reached at the emotional level and how can complex issues be expressed simply?
  • How can joy, but also frustration and disappointment be shown?


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Know the audience

Whether live on stage or in front of the camera: If you want to score with a confident performance, it helps to know the target group(s). This is the only way you can get your message across in a targeted manner and score points with sovereignty and competence.

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A strong performance

Speaking in front of a crowd needs to be learned and practiced. We show you how to communicate authentically and honestly, how to answer tricky questions confidently and how to emphasize your words through body language in the best way. We reveal what makes a strong appearance and how to get your message across in a targeted manner during one-on-one sessions.

Successful in front
of camera and microphone

New technologies bring new communicational habits. More and more meetings and presentations take place in front of camera and microphone, which is why they should be learned and practiced. We show you how to successfully convey your messages to a virtual audience and what makes a virtual appearance.

This is what we work on together:

  • To inspire and actively involve the audience
  • The optimal structure of your presentation, interview or speech
  • How to place your arguments correctly
  • How to convince with gestures and facial expressions
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Public Speaking Competence

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