Confident in front of the camera and on stage

Standing in front of the camera or on a stage and presenting in front of numerous people may cause stage fright in many people. I, on the other hand, am at my best when it comes to this task. Because I know exactly how to support my words with my gestures and how to use charm and humor to touch people and stay in their memory. Because moderation is in my blood.

Janine Geigele interviewing participant at Cybathlon in Kloten

with passion

Speaking in front of the camera or performing live in front of an audience is something that needs to be learned. Leading through a gala, celebrating an anniversary or chairing a discussion - I find the right tone for every event and make sure that humor and charm are not neglected. In many years as a moderator, I have learned how to touch and move people with my words. I do this by presenting with style, joy and heart, and by finding the right words at the right moment to suit the audience.


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My great passion

At the age of 13, I sat behind the microphone in a radio studio for the first time. Since then I have been a stadium announcer, sports journalist and presenter. More than 25 years of experience in presenting has taught me how to touch people with my words and make them laugh. No matter what kind of event it is. Because moderating is in my blood.

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With humor and charm

In the spotlight in front of numerous people, I am at my best. I know what your audience wants to hear and find the right tone for every event. With humor and charm I lead through galas and anniversaries, guide through discussions and moderate the most diverse events.

Janine Geigele wearing an orange dress, sitting on the grandstand of a stadium

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