With success through the crisis

There is the gradual and the unprepared/sudden crisis. When a crisis hits and we are unprepared, we are overrun and might become incapable of acting. This is unnecessary because you can prepare for crisis. In order to defuse and manage negative events with communicative measures, a strategy needs to be in place. Only then can a crisis even become an opportunity.

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Using the crisis as an opportunity

If you suddenly and completely unexpectedly find yourself in a crisis, one thing above all is crucial: fast and transparent communication. We prepare you for emergencies in good times so that you can master any crisis with competent communication.

"It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and five minutes to ruin it." – Warren Buffett


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Prepare for the crisis

Crises come gradually or suddenly. We set out the possible crisis scenarios in a matrix. The key is to prepare for possible crises in good times and then act quickly and professionally when the worst comes to the worst. In addition, we know from many years of journalistic experience what is relevant for the media and what questions they ask during a crisis.

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Build crisis strategy

Experience has shown: The right strategy determines success. Only if you know exactly how you want to react and act in the event of a crisis can a crisis be used as an opportunity. The development of a sound crisis strategy and the organization of the exact procedure are indispensable.

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Define wording

Crises require clear and rapid communication. Messages and wordings are defined accordingly for the case, media releases are prepared and time schedules are recorded so that the right document is ready in the event of an emergency.

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Successfully mastering crises

Unexpected things often happen. In most cases, a crisis appears out of nowhere. We help you to react and act quickly in dicey situations. In this way, we successfully navigate through difficult times together.

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Media Coaching

An appearance in the media offers a great opportunity. Especially in a crisis situation. Through our media coaching, we help our clients to successfully master their public appearance even in a crisis situation and to use it as an opportunity.

Together we master the crisis

Those who use good times to prepare for bad times can successfully navigate crises. With many years of experience in crisis management, we know the important measures required for successful crisis communication:

  • Setting goals and preparing preventive measures
  • Creating and analyzing a crisis matrix and types of crises
  • Emergency management
  • Crisis management and crisis organization
  • Crisis communication
  • Media training and on-camera training
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