Operation (social media) communication

Thanks to social media, athletes are tempted to communicate directly from the hospital bed at an unprecedented rate. Le Matin Dimanche wonders if and how such a practice can boost or harm an image. We were happy to share our opinion. Full Article

«Athletes are more in demand than ever before»

«Swiss athletes can hardly save themselves from requests to advertise on Instagram. Companies have recognized: Athletes are born influencers.» You can read the exciting article from the NZZ am Sonntag of 8 December 2019 with inputs by Janine Geigele here.

Daniela Ryf’s fight with stomach problems at Ironman Hawaii

To fight the hardest Ironman in the world on Hawaii with strong stomach problems and not be able to absorb energy – then that is a matter of impossibility. Daniela Ryf finished her Ironman nevertheless, what a great performance. The smile will come back!?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️?

Photo: Keystone

Daniela Ryf is aiming for her 5th Hawaii victory

Daniela Ryf has the next goal clearly in mind: her 5th IRONMAN World Championship victory in Kona/Hawaii. The final media conference at the airport was #happyPRWork for Geigele Communications. Good luck, Daniela!

Photo: Melanie Duchene

What a day!

Today’s Sunday could also be a relaxed day – not at Geigele Communications. Today we are in Magglingen for Switzerland’s biggest disabled sports festival with 1400 athletes. Ironman winner Daniela Ryf will take part in the Ironman in Klagenfurt, triathlete Nicola Spirig will start on the second day of her comeback in Hamburg and Jolanda Neff will compete at the World Cup Cross Country in Andorra. There’s a lot going on! We wish our athletes all the best and keep our fingers crossed.

Successful Sports Awards 2018

Great Sports Awards 2018 – Geigele Communications has mandates with several winners: We work for PluSport (with the winner disabled sportsmen Théo Gmür), for the Swiss Ice Hockey team (team of the year), we work with Patrick Fischer (coach of the year) and of course with Daniela Ryf (athlete of the year). Congrats to everyone!

When the season’s over, the work doesn’t stop

With her legendary Ironman victory in Hawaii in mid-October, Daniela Ryf had reached her season highlight. Now, less training and more recovery are on her agenda – and various events.
Janine Geigele supports the top athlete throughout the year: last week they were on stage together as moderator and talk guest at the IHVO Autumn Meeting.