Janine Geigele laughing, sitting on a couch with her laptop in her lap

Athlete manage­ment, moderator, PR & crisis communication with passion

Pioneer and communication professional

At the age of 13 Janine was already sitting behind the microphone at a local radio studio, before going on to be one of the first women to present as a sports host on Swiss National television. Her career highlights include hosting shows together with Roger Federer and Usain Bolt, becoming the official Letzigrund stadium announcer “Weltklasse Zürich” at the age of 18 as well as beeing the first woman to chair the Association of Swiss Sports Journalists. Janine has been a fixture in the sports world for over 30 years. Today, the former sports journalist skillfully applies her know-how and her large network as a communications specialist, moderator and during crisis management - not only in the sports sector.

Always at work for my clients

In the end it has to work

I am always ‘on call’ for my clients, 24/7. As an entrepreneur, I rely on a well-coordinated team and a strong network. I like to compare this with my experience when I was still an active track and field athlete: I start for a team, but end up jumping over the hurdles alone. Without a team behind me, I wouldn't be able to deliver. For me, there is no better moment than celebrating a successful project together with the team.

Janine Geigele as the stadium announcer at Weltklasse Zürich
Janine Geigele and Roger Federer sitting on a couch, making conversation

Versatility which I love

Time pressure, audience and lots of action

I am all in for my projects. Crisis communication or big events: I always have to be able to react flexibly and quickly - and always with a sense of humor. I work best under time pressure, with an audience and a lot of action around me.

Communication specialist for good times and bad

We are experiencing a revolution in communication

With digitalisation, the output, pace and channels in the media world have multiplied. Topics are more diverse, «soft news» floods the platforms. Communicating successfully is a complex challenge. My mission is to get the right message across to the target group at the right time via the right channels - whether as «good news» when things are going well or as a «cool down» in a crisis.

Janine Geigele as a young athlete jumping over a hurdle


Advising athletes on important management issues; navigating top athletes successfully through crises; performing in front of the camera or on stage and moving people with expertise, humour and words. Helping athletes to make a confident public appearance: All this is my professional passion.

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