Our Mission - Geigele Communications

Our Mission

We love sports. We love people. And we love what we do.

As athletes, journalists, communicators and marketers we specialize in sports.

In sports, we have our network; it’s where we are at home. We communicate at the right moment; we position and moderate; we train; and we resolve crises.


Athlete Management - Geigele Communications

Athlete Management
Leading, advising, positioning and supporting athletes on their way to the top: that is exactly what we do, with great commitment.

Public & Media Relations - Geigele Communications

Public & Media Relations
Good communication is based on facts, openness and emotions. We know how to drive positive media coverage, and we conduct media training sessions in front of the camera.

Presenting - Geigele Communications

Presenting is in our blood. Thanks to 30 years of experience on stage or in front of the camera, we enchant, inform and entertain audiences and guests alike with a blend of wits and charm.

Crisis Communication - Geigele Communications

Crisis Communication
Communicating openly, directly and honestly helps even in moments of crisis. In order to contain potential damage, we look ahead and prepare our clients customers for emergencies when the waters are still calm.


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